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Stop Chasing the Appointment

Working with sales professionals has taught me a lot about business. It seems like common sense to work where the money is at, yet many entrepreneurs and sales professionals aren’t maximizing their earning potential.

It’s only when you take a moment to look at your business as a whole will you determine where to best spend your time.

How much of your week is spent on the following?

  • Marketing

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Meeting clients

  • Doing paperwork

  • Figuring expenses

  • Client retention

  • Continued education


Once you figure out how much of your week is spent doing the above, it's time to figure out which of these tasks actually makes you the most money. You may be surprised to find that you are making all of your money through meeting with clients yet you only spend 40% of your work week on that task. What would happen if you spent 60% of your workweek meeting with clients?

One of the easiest and most cost-effective tasks to outsource is the appointment setting. My clients have figured out specific formulas to maximize their earning potential, but each client is different. For instance, if you hire an appointment setter for 20 hours per month, you’ll most likely get at least 10 more appointments per month. Out of those 10 appointments, you probably will only need to make one fraction of a sale to break even. If you are a great salesperson, you are going to make more than one sale and get a great return on your investment.

I have other clients who contract out 80 hours of appointment setting/administrative/marketing services per month and for them, one good sale will pay for this service for the entire year!

It’s all dependent on the type of product you’re selling and what your commission schedule looks like. Take a look at your average commissions per sale, then figure out how many extra sales per month you could get out of using a scheduler. I’m happy to help you with the average cost of using a scheduling service and that way, you can determine if a scheduler is cost-effective for you!

Many schedulers are not only helping clients build their territories and their sales, but they are also helping them build their dreams. Use a scheduler to help get that promotion, to help build income to build your dream house, and to help free up time to take that vacation or spend more time with your family. A scheduler is an excellent asset and can become a life-long business partner. In an ever-changing industry, many of our clients’ only constant is their scheduler. It’s great to have a person you can trust on your team as you navigate through your career.

If it makes sense for you – stop chasing the appointment! Today is the best day to start making more money! Contact us to learn more.



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