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Are You Needing a Virtual Appointment Setter with a Heartbeat?

Robo appointment setters may be the future but we at Elite Scheduling Services, still believe in good old-fashioned living, breathing, human beings.

We are here to give you more hours in the day by doing the tasks that you either don’t love or don’t have time to do.

Think admin tasks, scheduling, marketing, event planning… what else you got?

Everyone on our team has been a virtual assistant for over 10+ years, specializing in appointment setting, administration, marketing, and event planning for sales professionals in the financial, real estate, recruiting, and various other industries. We did such a great job in a few industries that our clients started referring their friends to us from other industries.

You are matched with a virtual assistant who has the skills, talents, and experience you are looking for. They act as an assistant to you and I simply send an invoice once per month.

All virtual assistants are located across the United States as are our clients.

Reach out to me at and let me know what we can take off your plate!


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