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Unique Door Openers that WORK for Sales People!

Getting your foot in the door to make a sale can be difficult at times, to say the least! How do you stand out from the rest? Do you bring chocolates? Or golf balls? Or Sally’s famous pastries? And, if you send a door opener gift, do these gifts work? Is someone really going to book an appointment or do business with you because you brought them a gift? They might if you managed to stand out from the competition.

I have a few great door opener ideas that are unique enough to help you stand out in our super competitive world.

  1. Send a video email. People love videos, and with cold calling, we leave a lot of voicemails right? So, imagine if you received a voicemail from someone saying “I’m John Smith with XYZ and I’m sending you an email with a video in it and I’d love for you to watch it.” You’d probably watch it, right? You’d be curious as to what John has to say and what’s in the video. There are video email programs out there that allow you to create a video and email it to as many people as you like. They get to see you and have enough of a teaser to set that face-to-face appointment.

  2. If you send a ‘standard’ door opener gift, include a clever note with it. For instance, if you send a rose, the note might say “Remember to stop and smell the roses”. If you send a notepad, put your contact information on the front page along with a nice handwritten note. Or if you send a sleeve of golf balls include a note saying ‘We’re going balls to the wall and you’ll want to hear what information I have for you!” Or something like that. :)

  3. Send a unique gift. Maybe your sister is an artist and she hand paints coasters. Everyone drinks coffee, soda, water, and other beverages at their desk. A hand-painted coaster would surely grab your prospects' attention. Or maybe your best friend makes rustic pen holders. How many times does a person search their paper-filled desk for a pen? They won’t be searching anymore if they receive that cool pen holder from you!

  4. Brand yourself. Create a fun saying, logo, or slogan that makes you memorable. Include it on your business card, in your phone call, and in your emails. Maybe ‘I’m a cut above’ and maybe there is a picture of you with a new or silly haircut or ‘Don’t get stuck in a rut – see what I have to offer’. Or another one, ‘My product practically sells itself’. We know a great promotional product vendor! Reach out and we can brainstorm with you!

  5. Have someone else open the door for you. You are busy, and I get it! You just want to sell, and don’t have time for cold-calling, so you need someone else to open that door for you. Who better to do it than a friendly, professional assistant who knows how to get past gatekeepers, how to pique interest, and how to give just enough information to make you sound interesting enough for a person to want to meet with you and hear what you have to say? I know plenty of those assistants at Elite Scheduling Services. Give us a call, and we’ll help you with all of the above!

- Danae

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