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Increasing Sales for the End of the Year

We are already into the fourth quarter, and you know what that means? Quickly scramble to try and fill your calendar with as many appointments as possible to make as many sales as possible.

Well, how do you do that?

  • Create a plan. Decide what you need to do in the last couple of months and divide that out by month/week/day. I like to put my goals in my calendar; so I see them daily.

  • Be consistent and persistent. This is key to staying the course. You want to continue to meet and exceed your goals and then celebrate at the end of the year. Work hard – play hard … it’s a good mantra!

  • Put yourself in your client’s shoes. If you were a client or prospective client, why would you want to see you? What do you have to offer? How can you serve others? What exciting information do you have to share? Why is there urgency in setting the meeting to take place BEFORE the end of the year? These are all very important questions to ask yourself and will help you generate more appointments.

  • Offer alternative ways to connect. People get very busy over the holidays, and if you want to connect, you may have to offer a phone appointment, lunch, breakfast, coffee, happy hour, or meet them somewhere they need to be. Do they need to run to the mall to do some shopping? If so, meet them there. What about the coffee shop right next to the grocery store, dry cleaners, or any other errand they may have to run after or before your meeting? Make your appointment with them as convenient and time-effective as possible.

  • Bring them/send them something useful. Tell your prospect or client that you have something for them and would like to stop by to drop it off and chat for about 10 minutes. Around the holiday season, useful things could be a charcuterie board, ham or turkey, cookies, chocolates, poinsettias, a bottle of wine or champagne, or if you want to get super creative, give them stamps that they can use for their holiday cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, ribbon or a fun family game that they can use at any gathering. Think about what you would love someone to give you around the holidays, no matter how practical it may be.

  • Hire a virtual assistant. The holidays are a busy time, you included! A virtual assistant can make calls and get the appointments on the calendar, and they can assist you with your branding, marketing, social media, and so much more! Hiring a virtual assistant could enable you to focus on making sales and spending time with your family. A virtual assistant could help you get a jump start on the new year. So, while you and your virtual assistant work hard to finish the year, you can celebrate the holidays knowing that you’ve got your January in order, too!

Good luck! And reach out if you need anything!

- Danae

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