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It's Time to Bust-A-Move!

It’s the New Year! AGHHHH!! It’s time to bust-a-move and get crackin! There are sales to be had and business to gain. So, let’s stay ahead of it this year and achieve all those goals early!


To do this, we need to stay motivated and productive. Now is the time to have a focused mind, clear goals, and a positive attitude. So, to get that, we're sharing some examples of what highly productive people do to be successful.


  1. They are positive. Positive people emit positive energy onto others. That positive energy is contagious and can affect your business and your sales. If you are positive about your product, positive about your day, positive about the fact that the waitress just spilled water all over your pants and that important business meeting, it shows. People are drawn to positive people. It makes them feel good.

  2. They work out.  Working out is invigorating and energizing. It allows you to get through your busy day, it allows you to stay more focused and it helps you sleep better, and as you know – good sleep helps you be more productive as well.

  3. They don’t allow themselves to be distracted by non-productive things or interruptions. Now what does that mean? That means when they should be on the phone making sales calls or meeting with people who can help them make more sales, they are doing just that. They aren’t on Facebook checking out pictures of their friend's new boat, playing Candy Crush, or flipping through People magazine – they are WORKING. These people know what’s important and they stick to it.

  4. They have a morning routine for personal time and they stick to it! The most productive people set aside time for themselves each morning before their work day begins to do whatever it is they enjoy and need to do. So use your morning time to work out, flip through your People magazine, play Candy Crush, or check your FB. Make this morning routine a must. Personal time is very important. We all need some ‘me’ time now and then.

  5. They plan their day. You are way more productive when you can hit the ground running first thing in the morning. When you are armed with a scheduled day and/or a To-Do List, you can accomplish amazing things.

  6. They stay motivated! Motivation is key. Always be moving forward, always be growing, always be learning, and always be selling! Or ABC – Always Be Closing.


So, turn up the bass and get pumped up for the best 1st quarter of your career!

~ Danae

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