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Let’s Dream! If You Could Be Anything...

If you could be anything, what would you be?

That’s right, I asked the question. If you could just kick back and do what you love to do, what is that?

I’ve tried hard to raise my children to find careers that they are passionate about and that they love. The problem is something we may be really good at, we may not be all that passionate about. Or we get stuck in one industry when we’d rather be in another.

Sometimes during the middle of our careers, say 25 years in and 25 years to go, we want to make a change but we have no idea what to do. If you are seeking your dream job now but don’t know how to break into that business, here are some tips.

  1. Network. Networking is huge for anyone in any industry! You find opportunities by meeting people, talking to people, by offering help and advice, and in return, people often have insight and perhaps opportunities for you.

  2. Find experience. If you are looking to get into something that you don’t have a lot of experience in, search for a way to get experience. Do a job search, seek education, seek a mentor, and again network with others in that industry.

  3. Put it out into the world. Sometimes we just need to say what we want. Some people create vision boards or journals, and others just come right out and say the thing they want the most. I want to write novels and movie scripts … for example.

  4. Create an opportunity. Some people just create opportunities for themselves. For example, I know people who bought businesses that allowed them to do what they love OR learn to do what they love.

  5. Be the person you want to be. Think, act, dress, and talk like you already have your dream job, career, and/or business. The mind is a powerful tool and just by already acting as if you have what you want can produce exactly what you want!

Good luck, and here’s to all of your dreams coming true!


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