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Needing More Hours in the Day?

We help our clients create more hours in their day so they can do what they love most about their job by taking care of the tasks they either aren’t thrilled about or don’t have time to complete.

Our scheduling assistants specialize in the financial and insurance industries, so we help financial advisors and insurance agents schedule appointments with clients who need to renew their policies or those who just want to go over their policies or make changes.

In addition to calling your existing clients, your scheduling assistant can call referral prospects, prospects from lunch & learns, seminars, flyers, etc.

Do you need help in other areas of your business? Your scheduling assistant can also help with administrative tasks, marketing, and event planning.

We get pretty creative and help with marketing efforts to generate more business for you. Feel free to email me at to schedule a time to visit.

And, if you are simply curious and want to know how others are growing their businesses in 2024, below are a few ways we’ve seen clients generate more business.

  1. Direct mailers – people stopped doing mailings for emails, but now that email is getting saturated (unless you have an email newsletter) a direct mailer is a great way to get in front of people.

  2. Newsletters – email subscriber lists when done properly can be very effective in generating business.

  3. Social media – I know this depends on your broker-dealer if you can even use social media or not, but I’ve seen a few very popular financial advisors and insurance reps using Instagram to generate business.

  4. Promotional marketing items – with everything going online, promotional items are a great way to get in front of people. Clients have purchased pens, tote bags, Bluetooth speakers, Yeti cups, golf balls, and more.

I hope at the very least you found this information helpful!



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