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Undervalued Lead Generation Strategies

Cold calling isn’t dead, but let’s be honest, who loves cold calling? Other than the amazing scheduling assistants on my team, I haven’t met a business professional who loves cold calling. Here are some other great ways to generate leads!

  1. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is great for business-to-business relationships. When you keep a consistent schedule of connecting with your target market and sharing valuable posts to help them in their business you can build quite a following on the platform. There are business pages, profile pages, showcase pages and so much more you can take advantage of to help grow your business through LinkedIn. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on maximizing your LinkedIn profile.

  2. Word of Mouth – When you offer value to your clients and they are happy, they are more than happy to share their good fortune with their colleagues. Create a reputation that allows your clients to share with your prospects and ask for referrals – a referral is the greatest compliment a client can give you!

  3. Dinner/Lunch Seminars – Seminars are a great way to get in front of a group of people that you can help. If you want high-quality clients, offer a high-quality meal. When these are done right you should have a great return on investment.

  4. Educational Workshops – Create a stellar workshop around a popular topic or pain point for your prospects and get them to come listen to you present without a meal. This is still a great way to get in front of a group of people and a lot of people are more likely to come to a group meeting versus a one-on-one appointment the first time meeting you.

  5. Lead Funnels – Depending on your target market using Facebook and Google Ads have become a great way to generate leads that just show up in your inbox. Lead funnels can be complex and to ensure a great return on your investment it’s advised you hire a professional who knows what they are doing.

  6. Snail Mail – Yes, that’s right – send your prospects a good old-fashioned letter or marketing piece. In case you haven’t noticed, you probably don’t get much mail anymore. I know I don’t – so I read every piece I receive. I’ve decided to hire local professionals based on the mail I’ve received from them. Now that junk mail is on the decline, mail just seems so much more personal. I get maybe 5 pieces of mail per day compared to hundreds of emails.

I am the founder of Elite Scheduling Services and we provide external wholesalers, financial advisors, real estate investors, and other professionals in the financial industry with administrative, marketing, and appointment-setting services. You can learn more about me and my services at My website will be updated soon to reflect our LinkedIn profile and lead optimization services along with our lead funnel services.

- Danae

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