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What Sets Elite Scheduling Services Apart?

We don’t just offer virtual assistant services to professionals in the financial and real estate industries. We offer an opportunity to achieve more, to sell more, and to get in front of more people. We are really like marketing wizards th,– sell!

We strive to build long-term business relationships. I have spent a lot of time growing my company in such a way that allows me to continue to offer exceptional customer service while maintaining long-term business relationships. I stay in front of people on Linked In, via email and by phone calls. I get a lot of positive feedback on how successful I am with networking, follow-up, and getting the right people together, thus creating a successful working relationship and success overall. I train your assistants to do the same thing consistently.

We don’t offer empty promises. We work in an environment where quality has a better return on investment than quantity. Elite’s virtual assistants work in unity with you to help you meet your goals and expectations and then work diligently to meet them.

I only hire the best! I am very particular in regard to who works for Elite. Many of my virtual assistants have ten or more years of professional experience. They are some of the best in the business and I pay them for that. My VAs are seasoned veterans and many of them have prior experience working for financial advisors, broker-dealers, IMOs, real estate agents, and investment companies! You want a professional, career-oriented assistant, don’t you? I only hire those that come to me by referral. I don’t advertise job openings anywhere.

Although my rates are very competitive my assistants are some of the highest paid in the industry! I’ve worked hard to keep my overhead low so that I can pay the VAs more. I’d rather pay my VAs than pay to have a fancy website but please feel free to check it out at I have grown my company using industry connections, Linked In, and word-of-mouth marketing.

We are experts in our field! I don’t view my virtual assistants as just assistants. They are truly experts in their field and they work hard to keep their skills sharp and your calendar full. They have all made a living helping professionals in the financial and real estate industries to grow their businesses, exceed their sales goals, and flourish. In other words, they help make a lot of money for a lot of people and they are lovin’ it! They are passionate, enthusiastic, and motivated. If you are working independently or in unison with your assistant, you will yield positive results!

Are you ready to see one of the best returns on investments you’ll ever see in your business? Contact me today at 515.309.2838.

- Danae

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