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7 Proven Strategies to Boost Attendance at Your Financial Advisory Lunch Meetings

In the competitive world of financial advising, hosting successful lunch meetings can be a game changer. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with current clients, attract potential clients, and showcase your expertise in a relaxed, informal setting. However, the challenge often lies in getting busy individuals to commit their time. Here are seven proven strategies to increase attendance at your lunch meetings and ensure they’re both memorable and effective.


1. Target the Right Audience: The success of your lunch meeting starts with inviting the right people. Tailor your guest list to those who will benefit most from the topics you plan to discuss. Use client profiling tools and your own insights to identify clients and prospects who have shown interest in or could benefit from financial advice. A targeted invitation feels more personal and relevant, significantly increasing the chances of attendance.


2. Personalize Your Invitations: In an era where generic mass emails are the norm, a personalized invitation can make a world of difference. Whether you’re sending emails, making phone calls, or sending out physical invitations, make sure to convey how the meeting is relevant to the recipient’s personal or business financial goals. Highlighting the specific benefits they will gain by attending can be a compelling motivator.


3. Choose an Appealing Venue: The choice of venue can significantly influence attendance. Opt for a well-regarded restaurant or a unique location that piques interest. The promise of a delicious meal in a pleasant environment does wonders for attendance rates. Ensure the venue is centrally located and easily accessible to your target audience to remove any logistical barriers to attendance.


4. Provide Value Through Expert Speakers: People are more likely to attend if they believe they will gain valuable insights. Invite expert speakers or industry leaders to share their knowledge on current financial trends, investment strategies, or market analysis. This not only adds value to your meeting but also positions you as a connector who can bring exclusive insights to your clients and prospects.


5. Leverage Social Proof: Word-of-mouth and testimonials from clients who have benefited from your advice can be powerful. Share success stories (with permission) in your invitations and promotional materials. If possible, invite satisfied clients to share their experiences in person at your lunch meeting. Social proof builds trust and curiosity, encouraging others to attend and hear more.


6. Offer an Exclusive Benefit: Offer something exclusive to attendees, such as a personalized mini-consultation after the meeting or access to exclusive research reports or financial tools. An offer that adds immediate value or that cannot be accessed elsewhere is a strong incentive for people to make time in their busy schedules.


7. Follow Up with Reminders and Confirmations: People are busy, and even those with the best intentions can forget. A strategic follow-up campaign with gentle reminders can keep your lunch meeting top of mind. Use a mix of emails, texts, or calls to remind registered attendees about the event. Be sure to express genuine excitement about the value they will gain from attending, and always offer a way for them to easily confirm or cancel their attendance.


Maximizing attendance at your financial advisory lunch meetings is all about understanding and addressing the needs and preferences of your audience. By offering a blend of personal relevance, exclusivity, and value, you can turn these gatherings into highly anticipated events.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to create an environment where meaningful conversations can occur, relationships can be built, and, most importantly, where your expertise can shine through and help guide others toward their financial goals. With careful planning and these proven strategies, your lunch meetings can become an integral part of your client engagement and growth strategy.

-Danae Branson

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