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Are You Passing Up Opportunities to Make More Money or Create More Time?

A good businessperson is always trying to figure out ways to make more money as well as create more time, right? Everyone in the world has the same 24 hours per day, it’s what you do with those hours that set you apart from the pack.

To make more money, you could decrease costs, and increase sales – seems simple enough but what if there was something staring you right in the face? An opportunity that you could grab that would make you more money and create more time, an opportunity you may not even realize yet?

It’s called outsourcing! Create a list of all the tasks you do in a week and outsource the following:

  1. Any task that you can pay someone to do for a lower rate than what you make.

  2. Any task that you loathe, dislike, or just plain don’t want to do so you procrastinate.

  3. Any tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse and could be done more efficiently and effectively by an expert.

Once you free up your time by outsourcing these tasks, so many professionals see the same results … growth! Growth in their business, growth in their sales, and growth in themselves as a businessperson. When you free up your time you can do what you enjoy more and you have more time to do the tasks that get you the real money, when you offload the tasks that leave you feeling stuck each week you become more productive, reenergized, and more passionate about your career… and when you outsource tasks that are better left to an expert you make more progress and results happen more quickly.

Some of the most popular services professionals outsource are appointment setting, paperwork, thank you cards, birthday cards, expense reports, gift purchasing, travel plans, client management, event planning, marketing, social media, website design, video editing, emailing and so much more!

And some outsource personal tasks, you are a busy professional and maybe you need help with your personal life. You could hire someone to schedule your hair, dental, doctor, and other appointments, purchase gifts for family & friends, travel plans, personal event planning, and anything that comes up that you need help with!

Of course, I outsource for busy professionals for a living but in truth, I’ve seen tremendous growth in those professionals that use outsourcing to its maximum efficiency.

Are you ready to outsource? Feel free to let me know what you need at

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